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Let’s Begin

I can not believe it has been 10 years since I started my first blog*, and through the years I’ve played with the idea of discontinuing this life as a blogger. But, as you can see, I’m still at it. However, I never wanted to start another blog because I thought I didn’t have the time nor inspiration to keep it up.

In fact, I thought I barely keep up with the blog I already have (Petula Writes), let alone, begin something  new. Keeping up with blogging wasn’t a problem until I went through cancer treatment, a stem cell transplant, and recovery. I had the regular issues BC (before cancer) like procrastination and writer’s block. AC (after cancer, of course) procrastination and writer’s block took on a new meaning. There’s something that happens to the brain that changes the way the brain works – at least that is my experience.

What does this all have to do with products for writers?

Well, here I am with a new blog and, let’s hope, some new inspiration and creativity to bring you exceptional reviews and interesting information about products that are of particular interest to writers. (They interest me so I am almost positive they’ll interest you.)

I promise…

One of the things I’ve always prided myself on is my honesty especially when it comes to relaying information to my readers. That said, you can rest assured that regardless of how the products are obtained, I will always give my honest opinion – good or bad. Check out my disclosure for further info.

I’d like a commitment from you too. Read a post or two while you’re here, leave a comment relevant to a post or let me know of any products you would like information about, and always feel free to offer feedback and respectful criticism. The comment section is open for you and I’m also reachable via email:

*Just in case you’re curious: My first blog is Single and Celibate and it still floats out there somewhere.



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